Yellow Brick Road

Americans associate the yellow brick road with the Wizard of Oz. But did you know that in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, there is actually a real road made out of yellow brick?

“I love my country.” Valentina whispered, searching Plamen’s eyes, so dark and dry. “Someday you will understand the gift of being born on the yellow brick road.”

Jonathan laughed. “Where are your ruby slippers?”

“Right here in Sofia.” She clapped her hands, but a shadow crossed her face. “For so many centuries Bulgaria has been considered by world powers nothing but a buffer zone between the East and West. Nobody’s ever willing to develop a buffer zone, because it might change hands, so they just keep an eye on it and react if the other side makes a move.”

Feel the history under your feet:

– Chapter One – Oborishte street home

– Chapter Four – St. Holy Seven Church, Sofia

– Chapter Six – National Theater Ivan Vazov, Sofia

– Chapter Eight – St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral, Sofia

– Chapter Sixteen – National Palace of Culture, Sofia

– Chapter Nineteen – Perlovska Forest and River, Sofia